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Characters    and    Setting



Neither Eln, Kent, Cara, or Broz know that things are about to change --- for all of them

Other    Characters

But Broz, Eln, Kent, and Cara are not the only characters. There are several others.

Karl Atwood

He is the CEO of a huge business empire that includes United Forest Products, Inc, which employs many of the people who live in Bigtree, Washington. He has learned something about some of the inhabitants of Bigtree(the People ones, that is), that may place People, the forest, and, eventually, the entire world in danger. Because he is immensely rich, despite his rather modest beginnings, he is also one of the principal backers of the Institute for Human Evolution.

Anna Jacobsen

A sweet old lady who has a daughter living in California, she also had a son who was killed in Vietnam. She never got over it. Eln Perdnal lives on the top floor of her duplex, and Anna Jacobsen sort of adopted Eln. When Eln was kidnapped, she suspected something very odd, and kept hounding the police.

Kel Kebara He is Fal Kebara's brother, and a Historian. That is, he tries to collect as much information as he can about the history of the People(or the Ancestors), from various documents, and their activities on Earth at various times, before and after the Return. Eln got much of the information for her romances from him.

Drev Kebara

Kel and Arl Kebara's twelve-year old son. He wants to be an Earthkeeper, or maybe a linebacker for the NFL for a while when he is old enough. The Kebara family lives in Bigtree, and Drev's very best friend is the Human boy Rich Eggers. He is the son of one of the yuppie families that has tried to make Bigtree a "bedroom community". Still, Drev likes him, and they go on many adventures together, one of which precipitates the chain of events which begins "Song of the Forest"

Enna Kebara

Drev's nine year old sister. Drev considers her a complete pest, but she is just as adventurous as he, and she also wants to become an Earthkeeper when she's older. Since her father Kel runs a stable just outside of Bigtree, and gives riding lessons to the sons and daughters of the yuppies, she has learned to ride too. She's a very good rider, and she has decided that she wants to train for Olympic equestrian events when she's old enoug(in addition to being an Earthkeeper). Her favorite heroine is Anne of Green Gables, partly because they both have red hair and vivid imaginations. She is convinced that Anne must have been a Conduit. She wants to visit Prince Edward Island, the home of Anne of Green Gables, someday.

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