A    Short    Introduction

This is an introduction to the links and references that follow. The section directly below this is a list of links. The links have been further divided into links concerning Neandertals and human evolution, and links which concern environment and ecology, especially where it concerns old growth forests. The reason for this is that my book essentially deals with both subjects. Furthermore, the list of links is always expanding and therefore, the links section is always under construction, as I list new links for those who would like to know more.

The section below the "Links" will be devoted to references which I have also found useful. Most of these deal with Neandertals and human evolution, and many of these are academic papers which I found useful. Don't let this discourage you, if you are interested in finding out more about human evolution or Neandertals. There are often many good ideas hidden away in academic papers.

Like the links, there will also be a section on ecology/environment, particularly as it concerns old growth forests, which, needless to say, are rapidly disappearing. And, like the links, the list of references will, essentially, always be under construction.

So keep visiting, enjoy, and learn!

Anne Gilbert

Cool Neanderlinks(and others, too)

The Human Origins Group: A forum for discussion of human evolution issues
The Neanderthal Museum: Web page of the Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany, near the original Neander Tal site. Loads of good pictures
Neandertals: A Cyber Perspective: Very cool! One of the most comprehensive sites I have ever seen! Everything you wanted to know about Neandertals and more!
Neanderthals: A spinoff from the Human Origins discussion group, devoted entirely to Neandertals. Just created!
The Neanderthal Flute: Description and analysis of the flute found at Divje Babe Cave, Slovenia, in 1995
Neanderthal Heaven: A beginner's guide to Neandertals. Also very good
The Passage of the Neandertals: Very detailed, but useful speculation on what might have happened to Neandertals, prehistorically
Search for Neanderthals: Describes an Earthwatch-sponsored dig in Spain for clues to Neandertal culture and society. Hey, you might even want to sign up!
Neanderthals: Another good introduction to Neandertals, their culture, and what might have happened to them
Scott's Neandertal Information Page: A new site. Looks good so far. Still under construction
Introduction to Biological Anthropology: Introduction to John Relethford's biological anthropology course.
Biological Anthropology Links: Relethford's list of biological anthropology links. Some of these are quite good
Is an "African Eve" the Mother of Us All?: A Debate: Debate between an Out of Africa supporter and a Multiregionalist. Judge for yourself.
Human Evolution: A list of useful links, many dealing with Neandertals. Some are quite good
The Tangled Strands of Time: A critique of the recent mtDNA extraction of one Neandertal specimen by a multiregional advocate. Again, judge for yourself
De-Evolution Gallery: Shows how a group of modern humans was "morphed" into Neandertals. Can you spot the differences between the two? It's not as easy as you think!
The Atapuerca Page: Site in Spain where Neandertals began. In English and Spanish. Lists good references
When Were the First Words?: Study of hypoglossal canals from the larynx to the brain show the size of the canals in Neandertals were about the same as ours. They could talk!
Ancestral quandary: Controversy over the DNA extracted from a Neandertal arm bone
In Search of Human Origins, part 3: Roundtable discussion of Neandertals and their place in recent human evolution
A Study of Neandertal Scapular Shape With Special reference tl Kebara Mousterian Hominid 2: Master's thesis demonstrating that Neandertal bones were similar in shape to those of modern humans who are very active
Whupped with an ugly stick?: Article dealing with the evolution of the Neandertal face and jaw
Human Evolution Resources from Mark Leney: An excellent list of paleoanthropological lists and references, with Leney's comments added
Matt's Paleo Pages: Lots of evolution links and moderated discussion groups you can join. PaleoAnth is especially recommended
DNA's Evolutionary Dilemma: Reappraisal of genetic studies shows either MRE or OoA could be correct
Evolution or Revolution?: Discusses the evolution of prehistoric art
How Much Like Us Were the Neandertals?: Short article on similarities and differences between Neandertals and modern H.sapiens
No Last Word on Language Origins: Debate on the the earliest appearance of "fully modern" language, and whether or not Neandertals could talk like us
What's wrong with these pictures?: Shows how modern reconstructions have made Neandertals look less like brutes and more like human beings
Who were the Neandertals?: Nice little site that tells you what Neandertals looked like and about their "image problem"
Paleoanthropology discussion group: An e-mail discussion group which covers all aspects of paleoanthropology and archaeology. Neandertals included, of course!
Is Out of Africa Going Out the Door?: Discussion of some of the latest objections to the Out Of Africa model of human evolution, with reference to the Lapedo "hybrid" fossil
Frequently asked questions regarding the Lagar Velho 1 human skeleton: The authors, Erik Trinkaus and Joao Zilhao answer questions about the Lapedo "hybrid" fossil remains of a child which appears to have a mosaic of Neandertal and "modern" physical traits
Site Map: Introduction and site map showing the location of various hominid finds from Australopiths to Cro-Magnons. Some parts still under construction, but worth checking. Great illustrations.



Articles(Articles with a star in front are scholarly, but good)